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Love it or Hate it... we need to embrace it.

One of the many challenges in the Mass Communication industry is the the ever-changing technology. Just when you think you have a grasp on something it changes. We struggle with this in our daily lives, new operating systems for our computers, new phones, apps its something we just deal with. Here at Bismarck State College

Bismarck State College strives to offer the latest technology used in the industry.

We here at Bismarck State College have tried our hardest to stay with the times and I believe we have done a pretty good job. This past year we have introduced a new way of getting video signals from one building to another over our existing network using NDI technology. NDI TechnolgyNDI was created by Newtek, a company that we have gotten to know real well here at the school as we have purchased several vital pieces of equipment that we use almost daily. Most Notably the Tricasters that we use to stream and deliver our MystiCast episodes to the public. NDI has been around for several years now, but has really caught on in the past year as new equipment is being introduced making it easier to aaccomplish sharing info over networks. How We Use It

We will continue to move forward.

For the last couple of years, we have helped that athletic department live stream their volleyball matches and basketball games. One camera, crowd noise and a score graphic every now and then is all we had the capability to do without setting up a bunch of gear and using a bunch of man power. This year with the introduction of NDI, we thought we could help them expand their broadcasts using multiple cameras, replays, score graphics, etc. We have been pretty successful so far and the students have really been behind it. They get to help run camera, replays, and even commentate during the games. Without embracing the new technology we would still be doing the old way - one camera not so fun, but we moved forward and will continue to move forward as the technology changes. To view the athletic livestreams, click here.

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